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Schiffli Embroidery Unit


RP Fashion schiffli embroidery unit posses high quality top of the line, state of the art Switzerland made schiffli embroidery machine. 

Using Swiss technology, RP Fashion ensures the highest quality available to the market for Eyelet Embroidered Woven & Knit fabric.

Our chemical lace also known as lace trims has almost zero percentage of waste. Zero waste helps us become an incredibly efficient apparel manufacturer for women's embroidered openwork dress and blouse.

Our schiffli embroidery unit is capable of producing eyelet embroidery, chicken embroidery, broderie anglaise, guipure lace, chemical lace, crotchet lace, schiffli lace, emrboidery lace, fabric lace, narrow lace.

Over the last few years the trend has been to use these kind of materials to manufacture finished goods or garments for women, girls & kids.

List of few Popular Women's product at the moments are

Eyelet flutter hem dress

Openwork detail dress 

Point Sur ruffle sleeve eyelet dress

All Over eyelet dress

Eyelet bell sleeve dress

Openwork cotton dress

Off the shoulder Blouse

Openwork cotton blouse

T-Shirt with English Embroidery

Openwork details T-shirt

T-Shirt With Embroidered Mesh Fabric

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