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Our decades of experience in the field enabled us to build reliable and long lasting relations with strong suppliers whom we define as our partners. With their great co-operation, we are able to source high quality materials with competitive prices within the given time frame.


Embroidered eyelet fabrics, lace trims, knit jersey fabrics and other common accessories are made in our own factory. Which gives us a tremendous amount of control on quality, lead time and price, which then also turns out as a benefit to our customers as we maintain their target pricing. With the rise of fast-fashion concept, we have implemented the fast-supplying business model. In which requires to be extremely innovative and responsive in a very limited period of time. Therefore, we settled our network of suppliers whom would reflect our quality but maintain our level of supplying speed at the same time.   

Customers interested in buying only eyelet fabrics, lace trims, lace patches, knit jersey or any other items, then kindly contact us on

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